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Kids Shiatsu

Shiatsu is gentle and safe bodywork for kids Jane Harper Shiatsu practitioner in London/ Glos/ CornwallKids Shiatsu is a brilliant complementary therapy for children. Jane Harper is a highly regarded Shiatsu practitioner offering Shiatsu for children with her unique style of intuitive treatments with a zen approach. Jane has a very gentle touch and presence about her.

It is especially important for children to feel safe with bodywork, mum or dad stay close during the treatment. Shiatsu has a physicality of touch as it uses body weight instead of muscular effort and is great at bringing the receiver back into their body. It allows support and nurturing though change and coming into their own sense of themselves and body. Kids Shiatsu allows a positive body awareness and builds confidence.

Shiatsu is a great way for children to start learning ways to relax and calm their minds and nervous systems. These are invaluable techniques in life learning to manage stress in a holistic healthy way.

Latest Shiatsu Review

Jane Harper practises Shiatsu that is deeply relaxing and restorative in London/ Glos/ Cornwall

Jane Harper has given me Shiatsu treatments at home for many years – she’s an uniquely gifted and insightful Shiatsu practitioner. There is intelligence in her touch that is rare; and she wears her gifts with a light, gentle wit. I have had Shiatsu with Jane Harper when I’ve been well and when I’ve been ill and she has always responded to where I am. She’s really lovely – I couldn’t recommend her treatments more highly.”           Joanna, London