Jane Harper Testimonials

Jane Harper has given me Shiatsu treatments at home for many years – she’s an uniquely gifted and insightful Shiatsu practitioner. There is intelligence in her touch that is rare; and she wears her gifts with a light, gentle wit. I have had Shiatsu with Jane Harper when I’ve been well and when I’ve been ill and she has always responded to where I am. She’s really lovely – I couldn’t recommend her treatments more highly.”           Joanna 


“I look forward to a ‘maintenance’ programme of Shiatsu to help contain polycystic kidney disease. Jane Harper’s gentle, caring presence, her ability
 to sense and sensitively share her insights engenders a 
tangible confidential trust, which for me results in healing my body,
 mind and spirit.”      Barbara


Jane Harper‘s sensitive and intuitive style of working with Shiatsu has been a tremendous support and insight into my life over the last 6 years and as a result my over all health and sense of well-being has improved.”                       Loraine


“The Shiatsu sessions I had with Jane Harper were a great help to me during a difficult time of change in my life, Jane’s Shiatsu treatments were delivered with sensitivity and understanding and had a subtle balancing, and profound effect of relaxation on my body and mind…”  Graham, Gloucestershire


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“I have been attending Jane Harper’s classes for several years now and always get so much enjoyment out of them, coming away feeling a blend of exhilaration and relaxation. The atmosphere is fantastic: she is incredibly patient with people approaching yoga for the first time, while also stretching and challenging those who wish to push further. I am more relaxed and flexible than I have ever been and I would highly recommend Jane Harper for her totally holistic approach. More please and many thanks.” Bev 


“While having my second cataract removed the anaethetist remarked on my calmness. We talked of yoga and my being more flexible in my seventies than my thirties.”    Barbara


Jane Harper introduced me to yoga four years ago…from the very first of her classes I became aware of a calming and soothing energy that she brings to her yoga practice. Having initially joined Jane‘s yoga classes in order to improve my physical flexibility and balance, I quickly noticed the additional benefits to my health…a more flexible, balanced and positive outlook, improved energy levels and a general enhanced sense of well being. I particularly enjoyed Jane Harper‘s one to one classes and found her intuitive and attentive approach to her teaching helped my yoga improve greatly and quickly…”        Graham




“I can’t imagine life without Reiki healing I use it all the time, just last month I got home from the supermarket and my rescue dog had managed to get into the fridge (even with a chair jammed in front of it) he had got an opened tin of food out and split his tongue down the middle about 2cm. He was looking very scared and the blood was pouring out of his mouth. Immediately I sat near him and held my hands over his mouth and began giving him Reiki and it was incredible how quickly it stopped the bleeding and when I took him later to the vet he advised that it had healed so well it didn’t need stitches. He is now the dog with forked tongue! The Reiki attunements are very special indeed and our Reiki Master Jane Harper made our whole day beautifully embraced in this energy. It was a transformational day which I shared with two others who I hadn’t met before, it was great it was a small group and lovely to share such experiences with them.”           Lisa


“I have known Jane Harper for over 13 years and found her on The BAC listing when seeking  a Shiatsu practitioner. In time she introduced me to Reiki and such was my interest that I expressed the wish to be attuned by her. Even though it is a while ago I still have strong and cherished memories of my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 day. It felt very intimate and spiritual and even though this sounds cliched my life is more centred these days. I practice more or less every day and regularly send Reiki to my family and friends. (Even my cats and plants! ). Ultimately Jane has attuned me to Reiki Master and it is a process I would thoroughly recommend!”          Cathy