New Yoga Cd Available


New Yoga CD available from Jane Harper – this is an audio CD of Jane Harper taking you through a Yoga class lasting one hour and fifteen minutes. In her usual intuitive fluid zen Sivananda Hatha Yoga style. Suitable for intermediate level as always listen to your own body be loving with yourself. 

 Yoga CD  1hr 15mins  £12.00 free postage to UK

Jane Harper teaches yoga in London

4 thoughts on “New Yoga Cd Available

  1. Rachel

    Have just ordered a cd how often do you recommend me doing a yoga session to it? I go to a Yoga class once a week as well.

    1. Jane Harper Post author

      Hi Rachel
      Many thanks for your order. It is really beneficial to establish a regular practise and the more you practise the more quickly a marked change in both your strength and flexibility will be noticed. It’s good to set yourself realistic targets maybe start off with once or twice a week in addition to your weekly class. It’s all about practise and remember not to worry if your progress isn’t linear – it might be that you don’t see any changes for weeks and then there is a significant shift. Always listen to your body in the actual moment and never force the body to achieve a certain level in a posture if there is pain or discomfort.
      Namaste Jane

  2. Harriet Marshall

    Really happy with the yoga cd. I was worried I would not be able to follow it but Jane has a clear way of talking through postures and shares many useful tips about each posture.

  3. Rachel

    Just wanted to say loving the cd, it arrived last week super fast delivery and I have so enjoyed practising yoga with it. The combination of poses is put together well and has helped opened my shoulders. I especially like Jane’s voice and find it very calming. Thank you :-)


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