Reiki Attunements – Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

Learn Reiki healing with Reiki master Jane Harper, offering Reiki attunements in one-day courses throughout London, Gloucestershire and Cornwall.

Jane Harper is a Reiki Master giving Reiki Attunements of Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 in one-day courses throughout LondonGloucestershire and Cornwall. Experiencing Reiki Attunements in small groups of three or four allows for a lot of individual attention and will make you confident in your ability to practise Reiki healing. It’s easy to learn, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Jane’s intuitive approach to the Reiki Attunements and teaching means that each day is unique. It is a wonderful experience to share the Reiki Attunements within a group and everyone adds to the beautiful, loving vibration of the day. There is a follow-up meeting six weeks later to consolidate the Reiki Attunements and practise of Reiki into your life, share your experiences and answer any questions that have come up. Reiki Attunements (Reiki 1 & 2) are also available as a one-to-one session if you prefer to learn individually, or have a busy work or travel schedule to fit around.

So, you are feeling the power of Reiki healing, and the idea of Reiki Attunements to fully realise Reiki into your life, is starting to twinkle in your mind’s eye…? Then now is the time to start this healing energy flowing through you with Reiki Attunements? Reiki is an invaluable tool for self-healing and the ability to give Reiki healing to your loved ones is both a joy to share, and practically speaking, a super First Aid kit in your palms.

Learn Reiki healing with Reiki master Jane Harper, offering Reiki attunements in one-day courses throughout London, Gloucestershire and Cornwall

Anyone can learn Reiki healing with Reiki Attunements as it requires no previous experience of energy work or healingJane Harper will ‘switch on’ the Reiki energy in each student during a series of Reiki Attunements, these are a kind of directed meditationReiki energy is passed on from Reiki Master/teacher to student through Reiki Attunements and so the direct lineage from Dr. Usui ever continues. In the morning there will be Reiki Attunements for Reiki 1 and it is after the first Reiki Attunements that people immediately notice a new or stronger awareness of energy. This can be warmth or tingling sensations in their palms and Jane has seen even the most die-hard skeptic surprised by the instant result.  Don’t worry if sitting on the floor is not comfortable for a period of time, you can always sit on a chair if necessary during the Reiki Attunements. It is an experiential day, so there is a lot of time to start practising Reiki healing and learning hand positions and tips so you can maximize the Reiki energy flowing through you. Of course, the added benefit is you will also receive a Reiki healing too.

After lunch there are Reiki Attunements for Reiki 2 and an introduction to Reiki symbols that add focus and concentration to your Reiki healing. One of the Reiki symbols is specifically for distance healing, this is an incredibly empowering tool to be able to send Reiki healing through space and time to loved ones not physically near to us and more generally to situations. Distance Reiki healing also travels through time to enable Reiki healing to be sent to the past and the future, to yourself, others or situations.

“I can’t imagine life without Reiki healing I use it all the time, just last month I got home from the supermarket and my rescue dog had managed reiki for dogs with Jane Harper Reiki Masterto get into the fridge (even with a chair jammed in front of it) he had got an opened tin of food out and split his tongue down the middle about 2cm. He was looking very scared and the blood was pouring out of his mouth. Immediately I sat near him and held my hands over his mouth and began giving him Reiki and it was incredible how quickly it stopped the bleeding and when I took him later to the vet he advised that it had healed so well it didn’t need stitches. He is now the dog with forked tongue! The Reiki attunements are very special indeed and our Reiki Master Jane made our whole day beautifully embraced in this energy. It was a transformational day which I shared with two others who I hadn’t met before, it was great it was a small group and lovely to share such experiences with them.” Lisa, London

Reiki Attunements (Reiki 1& 2) are useful tools for people working within any caring industry, as it will begin to flow spontaneously and combine with other gifts and skills very naturally.

Learn Reiki healing with Reiki Master Jane Harper, offering Reiki Attunements in one-day courses throughout LondonGloucestershire and Cornwall. 

Learn Reiki healing with Reiki master Jane Harper, offering Reiki attunements in one-day courses throughout London, Gloucestershire and Cornwall.

“I have known Jane for over 13 years and found her on The BAC listing when seeking a Shiatsu practitioner. In time she introduced me to Reiki and such was my interest that I expressed the wish to be attuned by her. Even though it is a while ago I still have strong and cherished memories of my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 day. It felt very intimate and spiritual and even though this sounds cliched my life is more centred these days. I practice more or less every day and regularly send Reiki to my family and friends. (Even my cats and plants! ). Ultimately Jane has attuned me to Reiki Master and it is a process I would thoroughly recommend!” Cathy, London 

Please contact Jane Harper on 07808 401529 to find out the dates of the next Reiki Attunements (Reiki 1 & Reiki 2) course in your area and to book a place. It is also possible to book a Reiki Attunements one-to-one session. Alternatively please click on contact to leave a message or schedule a phone call.