Jane Harper practises Shiatsu to relieve back pain in London, Glos and Cornwall
In a recent Natural Health article, Jane Harper, a Shiatsu practitioner in London was asked, “What made Shiatsu her choice of Complementary Therapy?”

“I have always connected to the beauty and simplicity that Shiatsu offers as a healing  modality. The use of touch to support and nurture each other is implicit to our humanity. Shiatsu manages to combine this warmth of connection and touch with the intelligent theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even the act of lying down on the floor to receive a Shiatsu encourages an immediate grounding to the earth, important for everyone in our modern intellectually biased culture.”

Jane Harper is a registered Shiatsu practitioner with Shiatsu International and has over twelve years clinical experience from her busy and varied London client base. She also has regular appointments available in StroudGloucestershire and Ledbury, Herefordshire. If it is relaxation and stress relief you are looking for, then Shiatsu is a popular choice although, mostly clients initially contact Jane Harper to work with a specific health concern. This will normally require between six and twelve regular treatments to bring about a lasting and significant change in the condition. A lot of clients continue to have monthly Shiatsu for overall well-being and to shift any imbalance before it chronically impacts their body. Natural health works brilliantly as preventive medicine – we are committed to servicing our car after many miles but it’s still a new concept with our own body.

Jane Harper practises seated Shiatsu in office in London to release shoulder tension from prolonged sitting at a desk


“I look forward to a ‘maintenance’ programme of Shiatsu to help contain polycystic kidney disease. Jane’s gentle, caring presence, her ability
 to sense and sensitively share her insights engenders a 
tangible confidential trust, which for me results in healing my body,
 mind and spirit.”        Barbara, Ledbury, Herefordshire.


Jane Harper practises Zen Shiatsu, developed in the 1970s by Masunaga, to include western psychology and an extended system of meridians with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. These meridians are like highways, that run all over the body, through which our energy or chi flows. For optimum health and well-being, these meridians must be free from obstruction – Shiatsu employs various techniques to ensure a smooth flow. Throughout the Shiatsu treatment there is a constant dialogue between Shiatsu practitioner and the energy flowing through the receiver’s meridian system. Too much energy creates a bottleneck of traffic and too little makes the road surface impassable. Jane Harper works very intuitively with gentle acupressure and each Shiatsu is totally geared to the individual.

Jane Harper practises Shiatsu to ease muscular tension in the back in London, Glos and Cornwall

Jane has given me Shiatsu treatments at home for many years – she’s an uniquely gifted and insightful Shiatsu practitioner. There is intelligence in her touch that is rare; and she wears her gifts with a light, gentle wit. I have had Shiatsu with Jane when I’ve been well and when I’ve been ill and she has always responded to where I am. She’s really lovely – I couldn’t recommend her treatments more highly.”           Joanna, London

Shiatsu uses acupressure applied with thumbs, elbows and palms to access points along meridians – it is similar to acupuncture, stimulating points and using the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine to affect change, yet Shiatsu feels very different to receive. Jane Harper uses gentle acupressure and subtle energy work to encourage a deep relaxation of the whole nervous system. The meridian system of Zen Shiatsu has been extended to access all of the body and for all conditions the whole of the body is worked.

Shiatsu practitioner Jane Harper uses acupressure to ease neck pain.

For example, if a client has a stiff and painful neck, then naturally the neck will be part of the Shiatsu, but also included will be distal points in each foot and wrist that have a powerful effect, easing pain significantly.

When we are in pain the focus becomes very much on that area and in consequence, more tension surrounds it and the rest of the body is forgotten. Shiatsu eases pain and brings the receiver into their body and back into present time. Many people are familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, our body and mind can also get stuck in a time warp as it holds onto pain or injury of the past. Shiatsu’s physicality of technique and proximity to the earth, is very grounding and makes it excellent at bringing the body and mind into the “now”, allowing for an acceptance of what is happening in the present, and then making space for change.

Jane‘s sensitive and intuitive style of working with Shiatsu has been a tremendous support and insight into my life over the last 6 years and as a result my over all health and sense of well-being has improved.”                       Loraine, StroudGloucestershire.

Shiatsu practitioner Jane Harper releases shoulder tension through stretching
When receiving Shiatsu wear comfortable clothing, preferably of natural material. Shiatsu is done on a thin futon mat on the ground. Jane Harper’s clients tend to enter a deep relaxation zone – created by building trust so the body lets go and feels safe. Through her touch, Jane listens, observes and makes a diagnosis of the energy layout of the body during a Shiatsu. A dialogue is engaged with the body, flowing between stillness and action, in order to rebalance the energy in the body. Where there is deep tension, moving the body and stretching helps to release this and where there is weakness and deficiency, gentle holding and stillness brings increased energy into that part. Shiatsu treatments last one hour, this includes time to discuss session at the end, along with advice on diet or exercise to support the treatment. Jane Harper is a Shiatsu practitioner in London with clinic space in Stoke Newington, N16, or there is the opportunity to have Shiatsu in the comfort of your own home, which means you don’t have any inconvenience of travel, please don’t hesitate to check to see if your area is covered. Also, regular appointments available in clinics in StroudGloucestershire and Ledbury, Herefordshire.


Jane Harper is a Shiatsu practitioner offering treatments in London.

“The Shiatsu sessions I had with Jane Harper were a great help to me during a difficult time of change in my life, Jane’s Shiatsu treatments were delivered with sensitivity and understanding and had a subtle balancing, and profound effect of relaxation on my body and mind…”      Graham, Gloucestershire

Please contact Jane Harper on 07808 401529 to discuss or book a Shiatsu, alternatively please click contact.