Jane Harper teaches Sivananda Hatha Yoga on beach in Cornwall, also London and Gloucestershire

As a Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacherJane Harper has a holistic approach to her teaching, why not try one of her one-to-one classes and see the difference it can make to your well-being and personal Yoga practise, based in London but sessions are also available in gloucestershire and Cornwall on a regular basis. Now available on Skype, contact Jane today and discuss how yoga can help you.

Health is Wealth. Peace of Mind is Happiness. Yoga Shows the Way.                                     Vishnu-Devananda

Jane Harper‘s Yoga teaching is intuitive and fluid – responding to the needs and energy of a group, or specifically an individual, in order to restore balance. The idea that each time you practise it is a whole practise in itself. There is a flow between dynamic movement to warm the body and stillness of holding postures steady, to build strength and balance. These are interlinked with meditative postures of rest and relaxation and working with the breath is a constant throughout. Jane Harper teaches Yoga postures from feeling the alignment within which encourages a total presence and helps to tune into the more ‘subtle energetic’ qualities of each asana (posture).

Jane Harper teaches yoga in London

“I have been attending Jane’s classes for several years now and always get so much enjoyment out of them, coming away feeling a blend of exhilaration and relaxation. The atmosphere is fantastic: she is incredibly patient with people approaching yoga for the first time, while also stretching and challenging those who wish to push further. I am more relaxed and flexible than I have ever been and I would highly recommend Jane Harper for her totally holistic approach. More please and many thanks.” Bev, London

“An ounce of practice is worth tons of theory.”    Swami Sivananda

Jane Harper is a Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher and came across the teachings of Swami Sivananda at the Neyar Dam Ashram in Kerala on her first visit to India. She enjoys the holistic approach to its Yoga teacher training including the many different aspects of yoga as well as physical asana or postures. It was Vishnu-devananda a disciple of Sivananda who brought this style of Hatha Yoga to the West in the 1950s. Jane Harper particularly loves the stories of Swami Vishnu-devanandas peace mission which included flying a micro-light plane over the Berlin wall in 1983 to inspire world peace.

One-to-One Yoga with Jane Harper

Jane Harper teaches in London

Individual sessions are a fantastic way to work with your specific requirements – and at a time that suits too. Whether you are new to Yoga or wishing to develop your practise the individual attention and adjustments can be really useful at accelerating learning. Jane Harper‘s clinical experience working with Shiatsu and Reiki healing means that she can work with many conditions and easily adapt postures for maximum benefit and comfort – many people think yoga is simply about flexiblity - and yes it certainly begins to improve it but there is no need to super flexible to practise. Her eldest student is 82 and she still safely enjoys shoulder stand.

“While having my second cataract removed the anaethetist remarked on my calmness. We talked of yoga and my being more flexible in my seventies than my thirties.”    Barbara, London

Jane introduced me to yoga four years ago…from the very first of her classes I became aware of a calming and soothing energy that she brings to her yoga practice. Having initially joined Jane‘s yoga classes in order to improve my physical flexibility and balance, I quickly noticed the additional benefits to my health…a more flexible, balanced and positive outlook, improved energy levels and a general enhanced sense of well being. I particularly enjoyed Jane‘s one to one classes and found her intuitive and attentive approach to her teaching helped my yoga improve greatly and quickly…”        Graham, Gloucestershire

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Jane Harper teaches yoga at sunrise in Cornwall beach

Please get in touch to discuss with Jane Harper how her one-to-one sessions can develop your yoga practise or to book a one-to-one Yoga session 07808 401529. Alternatively click on contact.

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